PACIFIC DISTRICT

                                      December 9th & 10th, 2017
                                   "15th Annual Holiday HOOPS"

 HOSTED BY:  BullDawgs Basketball Club

​Tournament Director : Alfonso Joo 650-267-3678

Commissioner: Eric Williams 650-255-6267


                                                                                       COACHES INFORMATION

                                                                   Incomplete Forms or fees will removed teams from tournament
 Schedule to be posted by December 7th 8:00 pm
                                                                   Any Updates to Rosters may be brought to tournament before your first game
                                                                   We will have tournament Directors at each Site,
                                                                   My contact number is 650-267-3678

        DATES:                                   December 9th and 10th, 2017


                                                    Jefferson High School, 6996 Mission St. Daly City
                                               Ingrid B. Lacy MS - 1427 Palmetto Ave., Pacifica                                            
                                               City College of San Francisco - 50 Phelan Ave., San Francisco
Wellness Center  $3.00 Parking

         ENTRY FEE:                         SPECIAL ALL TEAMS  $250.00 before 11/26/17

​                                                        1 team only = $325 per team
                                                        2-3 teams    = $300 per team
                                                        4-5 teams    = $275 per team
                                                        6 or more    = $250 per team

                                                       Register Now  

                                                        *Once a team enters the tournament refunds will not be given. 

        ENTRY DEADLINE:               All materials must be RECEIVED via Online Registration by Nov 28th, 2015

                                                       All participating teams must have a roster submitted

                                                       Entry fees must be submitted via Paypal/ Visa or mailed in prior to event


        DIVISIONS:                              Girls 3rd Grade thru 8th Grade

                                                         Boys 3rd Grade thru 8th Grade

                                                         Divisions will be separated by All Star and School teams


        SPECTATOR ADMISSION:    Daily admission will be available at all locations for 

                                                         $10.00 Adults 

                                                           $5.00  Youth 10-16


        TEAM CHECK-IN                   Saturday 1 hour before game time.



         RULES OF PLAY:                 SEE ATTACHED


         SCHEDULE/RESULTS:        Schedules and Results will be posted at www.Dawgsclub.com and will be emailed

                                                        to each team that provides a valid email address in the Online Roster System. 


         GAME FORMAT:                   20 Min running Clock, Last 2 min Stop Clock


        TOURNAMENT FORMAT:    4 team round robin, 6 team pool , 8 Team Bracket



        BENCH RULES:                    The home team will sit on the left side of the official scorekeeper, facing the table from the floor.

                                                       A team may have on its bench only eligible players in uniform and four non-players. Violation of this
                                                       rule shall result in a two shot technical foul. The violator will be removed from the bench.

                                                       At least one person age 18 or older must be on the bench at all times. 


        AWARDS:                             1st place/2nd Place team will receive awards                                                     

       ROSTER:                              All athletes and non-athletes allowed on the bench must hold a current AAU membership. 

      GRADE DETERMINATION:  Grade level is determined by the grade in which the athlete is in for the 2017-2018 school year. 


      ELIGIBILITY:                       Any questions pertaining to the eligibility of a player or team shall be directed to the director of                                                                                 tournament. 



                                                    must obtain: School Photo ID and birth certificate/ report card. 


     PROTESTS:                         Any eligibility protest that comes after the first day of competition will be reviewed at the

                                                   Eligibility Committee’s discretion. All non-eligibility protests will be reviewed by the Eligibility

                                                   Committee at their discretion. 


                                                   A fee of $100.00 cash (refunded if protest is upheld) must accompany all protests.

                                                   Protests must come from a non-athlete member listed on the official online roster for the event.
                                                   The written protest must be submitted to the tournament director. 


     CODE OF CONDUCT:         Players’, coaches’. And spectators; conduct should be above reproach, on and off the court.

                                                   Misbehavior or misconduct may result in disqualification from the tournament. Coaches listed

                                                   on the official team roster are responsible for the conduct of their players and any damages
                                                   incurred to the hotel or facilities used by the players. If a coach or a player
                                                   is suspended during a game, the suspension does NOT include forfeited games.
                                                  The suspension will be for the next game played.


      EJECTIONS:                        a) Any player recorded on the official score sheet as ejected for fighting by the officials

                                                       (striped shirts) will be prohibited from playing the next scheduled game.

                                                   b) If a coach or player is ejected from a game, he/she will sit out that game and the next game.

                                                   c)  If a coach or player is ejected a second time, he/she will sit out that game and the next game. 

                                                   d)  If a coach or player is ejected a third time, he/she will be suspended from the tournament. 

     UNIFORM:                           The top team on the bracket or the team listed on the left side of pool play schedule shall be the

                                                  home team and shall wear WHITE.