HS Girls Teams Tryouts​


 BullDawgs Peninsula : 9th through 12th Grade players that want to play occasionally.

 Local Tournaments only, which include BullDawg Basketball Tournament Series. 

 Santa Cruz tournament is optional.  No scheduled practices

​ Contact : Harry Hui  650-580-8383  Email Harryhui1@yahoo.com 

  BullDawgs Var Blue: Players looking to develop and strengthen skills. Goal is to elevate fundamentals, strength/conditioning and skill set. Local scrimmages/games/tournaments.

1-2 days a week optional training/practice available. Starts in April 2020

         List of Available Events

  • March 14th-15th  Lets Get it Started  
  • April 4th-5th        Spring  Shoot-Out I                 
  • April 11th             Spring  Shoot-Out II                 
  • May 2nd-3rd        Bay Area Battle 
  • May 9th-10th       Come Run With Me  ​Darrell Hirashima Classic
  • May 16th-17th     Peninsula Invitational                  
  • ​May 30th-31st     Summer Run @Santa Cruz              
  • June 6th-7th        Summer Run Bay Area               
  • ​June 13th-14th    5th Annual Thaddeus Tran Memorial        

  Contact :  Alfonso Joo 650-267-3678​​         alfonsojoo@yahoo.com

  BullDawgs  Pupz Black

  BullDawgs  Varsity Black :

  Competitive players with the intention of playing in the high level tournaments locally

  and abroad. High commitment to practice and training.  BullDawgs Basketball Tournament Series           along with NCAA Viewing tournaments, College Camps and Elite Exposure events. 

                      List of Events

  • March 14th-15th  Lets Get it Started  
  • March 21st-22nd TBA
  • April 4th-5th      Spring  Shoot-Out I                
  • April 11th           Spring Shoot-Out II     
  • April 18th-19th TBA           
    • April 24th-26th    NCAA Elite is Earned Walnut Creek
  • May 2nd-3rd       Bay Area Battle 
  • May 9th-10th      Come Run With Me  ​Darrell Hirashima Classic
    • May 16th-18th    NCAA Viewing Los Angeles    
  • May 30th-31st    Summer Run @Santa Cruz              
  • June 6th-7th      Summer Run Bay Area               
  • ​June 13th-14th  5th Annual Thaddeus Tran Memorial        
    • June 28th-30th  EOT - Oregon
    • July 10th-12th   NCAA Viewing site TBD
    • ​July 21st-23rd   NCAA EOT- Rocklin
  • August               Kona, Hawaii


  BullDawgs Pupz Black "Under Armour 15/u"

  BullDawgs Basketball Club will join Jam On it Basketball Academy for the Girls Under Armour     Association (GUAA) Circuit. A travel team circuit for Under Armour sponsored teams to gain 

 exposure in front of college coaches, media outlets and their peers. Teams face high level national   competition allowing players to prepare for the challenges and opportunities they will ultimately face

 in college. 

   BullDawgs will provide/sponsor the following:

  1. Under Armour Uniforms
  2. Under Armour Shoes
  3. Under Armour Backpack
  4. Tournament Fees 
  5. Coaches

*Each player is responsible for their own Transportation cost and Hotel accommodations



  • March 28th-29th Training Camp Reno, NV
    • April 18th-19th Tune up TBD
  • Session 1  April 24th-26th PENNSYLVANIA  Spooky Nook
    • May 15th-17th Los Angeles
    • July 5th-8th Run for the Roses Louisville. Kentucky*
  • Session 2  July 10th-12th INDIANA  Pacers Athletic Center
    • July TBD*
  • Session 3  July 23rd-25th LAS VEGAS  Las Vegas Convention Center



       Contact       Alfonso Joo 650-267-3678​​        alfonsojoo@yahoo.com