BullDawgs Blue  - Local only

BullDawgs 15/16u White - National

BullDawgs  17u Black - National


 BullDawgs Basketball Club will be playing in an independent circuit with national exposure.

 A travel team circuit for teams to gain exposure in front  of  college coaches, media outlets and their peers. Teams face high level national competition allowing  players to prepare for the challenges and opportunities they will ultimately face in college.  


*Each player is responsible for their own Transportation cost and Hotel accommodations



2024 Season Schedule - Updated

(Note: TBD will depend on players availability)


  • February  25th        Tryouts I
  • March 3rd                Tryouts II
  • March 10th              Team Camp   
  • March 19th              Weekly Practice starts​
  • March 30th - 31st    TBD




  • June  1st - 2nd      College Camp - Selected Players
  • June  8th - 9th       College Camp - Selected Players
  • ​June  22nd - 23rd  UC Irvine Team Camp

    July - Black/White teams only


       Contact       Alfonso Joo 650-267-3678​​        alfonsojoo@yahoo.com