• Our game needs fixing especially at the younger levels.
  • We make sure when working with players that they are getting something out of it

            and not just going through the motions..

  • Making sure that our players are learning as well as being challenged.
  • Player development, especially at the younger levels needs to improve.
  • Teaching our players to retain the information, the better they will become.
  • Continually challenging players 
  •  Players make sure that you are getting better and not just getting tired. You deserve to be

          given the best opportunity to improve your game and it is up to you to be active in that 

  • About the BullDawgs

  • The BullDawgs are a year round program that was created to help basketball players improve their basketball skills and
    ​gain playing experience at an advanced and challenging level. The emphasis of the program is to foster an environment
    where academic excellence is encouraged and expected and individual skill development is achieved. 

  • Our goal at BullDawgs Basketball is to provide our youth in the Bay Area/Peninsula with a wholesome avenue for positive

  • personal development by promoting academics and physical activity and to recognizing their dedication and achievements

  • through basketball. BullDawgs Basketball offers the opportunity to build self-esteem and sportsmanship while learning the fundamentals of basketball.

  • ​​The BullDawgs Basketball Club, coaches and players are members of the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). The AAU is

  • one of the largest sports organizations in the United States. The difference between AAU basketball and other basketball

  • leagues is based on the use of full high school rules. No developmental limitations are placed on the game such as

  • participation and no-press/fast-break rules. This promotes competitive play and the broadest exposure to fundamentals

  • and advanced techniques of the game.

    We will base our roster on grade versus age based. Current players of teams moving up will be given 1st consideration

  • during tryouts. Prior commitment, attended practices and tournaments will also play a factor in the final roster. We are

  • not a recreational team. The teams are composed of 8-10 Boys and Girls that love basketball and who want to develop

  • their skills and understanding of the game. All emphasis will be on basic fundamental skills and team work.

  • We emphasize development of the individual player.

    Every effort will be made to ensure players have an opportunity to demonstrate their basketball abilities during the tryout

  • period and will be evaluated on as ball handling, shooting, and passing along with demonstrating a positive attitude,

  • work ethic, knowledge of the game and satisfactory academic performance. If a player does not make one of the teams,

  • they are encouraged to continue to develop their abilities and try out again in the future.

    2024 Spring/Summer season (Februay 2024
     thru June, July Tournament Travel)

  •          Fall Season                     (August 2024 thru October 2024)

  •          Winter Workouts            (November 2024 thru January 2025)

  • We anticipate having the following :

  • 2024 Girls Spring/Summer Divisions:​

        Academy Training Level

        3rd grade Attack


  • Mid Level Competition
  • 4th Grade Attack
  • 6th Grade Blue
  • 7th Grade 
  • ​8th Grade
  •              ​
  • Competitive Level
  • 5th Grade White
  • 6th Grade Black
  • Var Girls 16u Blue  
  • ​Var Girls 17u Black

  • 2024 Boys Spring/Summer Divisions:

  • Mid Level Competition

  • 4th Grade

  • 7th Grade

  • 8th Grade

  • ​​

  • Competitive Level

  • 5th Grade Black

  • 6th Grade Black

  • ​9th Grade Black 

  • Teams will have team practice, along with team training sessions

  • to strengthen ball handling and shooting form and technique.

  • ​​Practice/Training

  • Teams will practice 3 hours min a week. Practices and Training program will be added after the team is established.

  • Practice times to be scheduled based upon availability of gyms, Coach’s and trainers

    AAU Registration and Membership:

    ​All players must have a current AAU “Added Benefits” membership in order to participate in any BullDawgs tryout, practice

  • or game.  AAU membership runs annually from September 1st through August 31st. All players added in the Spring along

  • with High School players returning/selected to the AAU High School Tournament team, will receive an AAU Card which

  • covers them for tournaments, practices and league play.

    Fundraising and Sponsorship

    Throughout the season the BullDawgs will be running snack bars during tournaments to minimize costs to players.

  • Additional ideas for fundraising and Sponsorships are always welcome. Please ask for a “Sponsor Packet” if you know

  • of someone or company that would be interested.

  • Tournaments

    Players are expected to commit to 5-8 tournaments over the course of the program season. Some tournaments will be

  • local (within the bay area) and others will be out-of-town (Sacramento, Reno, etc.) and may require an overnight stay.  

  • The Coaches will select the appropriate number and location of tournaments after receiving input from

  • parents as to player availability for tournaments under consideration. Once tournament schedule is finalized, it is

  • expected that players will attend all tournaments and be ready to play.
    (Possible league play may be played in place of tournament. Availability information for the next 4 months will be

  • needed as soon as possible. Tournament dates are subject to change.)

    Traveling Expenses: 

    All costs associated with travel to tournaments such as transportation, food and hotel stay are the players responsibilities.

    Handbook with club rules will be distributed and must be signed before participation 
    (Birth Certificate & Report Card required with registration form)Forms and information:​