Teams - Divisions - Goals

     3rd/4th Grade Academy : Fundamental Ball handling, shooting, and passing along with demonstrating a

     positive attitude, work ethic and knowledge of the game. Skill work along with introduction of offense/defensive sets.

     Goal is to spark the interest in basketball and have fun with it while staying competitive. Scrimmages and possible games

     within our BullDawgs Basketball tournament Series. 

    5th thru 8th Grade Local : Continue to strengthen Basic Fundamentals. The start of teaching strategies of the game.

    Introduce and continue to teach man to man principles and rotations. Identifying advantages and disadvantages while running

    a "Read & React" system. Goal is to train our kids to play a big role in their school sports and beyond. We will play in our local              BullDawgs Basketball Tournament Series that offer Level 1 or 2 divisions. Please plan to participate in 5+ tournaments.

    Optional travel tournaments will be available dependent on rosters. We will budget any travel tournaments to cover tournament

    fee's and coaches expenses. (Players are also roster players to travel team if needed)

    5th thru 8th Grade Travel : All of the above with emphasis on a higher commitment level in both practice and training.

    Players are expected to commit to local/travel tournaments over the course of the program season. Additional days of

    team camp to prep for Travel along with higher level of skill work. The goal is to set the path to playing at Varsity level upon

    reaching High School. Will play in local and travel away tournaments that offer Level 1 Divisions. This will also 

    include the BullDawgs Basketball Tournament Series.  May include Santa Cruz, SoCal, Reno, Las Vegas and Oregon which

     will be overnight trips. Schedule will be posted in order to prepare, plan and organize travel.

    High School Girls Program 

    Reason to play Club Basketball

  •    I want to play competitive
  •     I want to come back stronger for my School team league and excel
  •     I want to play after HS at the College Level


   Varsity 17/u Black - National :  BullDawgs Basketball Club will be playing in

   an independent circuit with national exposure. A travel team circuit for teams to gain exposure in front  of  college

   coaches, media outlets and their peers. Teams face high level national competition allowing  players to prepare for

   the challenges and opportunities they will ultimately face in college. Players will be given opportunities to attend College

   visits , along with camps. Additional Team Camps and strength and conditioning classes will be added to prepare for

    the vigorous schedule ahead. 



Pacific AAU Club since 1996

 2024 Spring TRYOUTS


  •                                                 Competitive Play -  Athletic Training -  Conditioning - Strength Building
  •                                            Tournament Play -  Team Training​ - Agility Training - Fundamentals ​


         AAU Basketball is highly competitive and requires a greater level of commitment than most youth basketball  leagues.  

  • We are looking for athletes who have a passion for the game and those that will be extremely dedicated to our basketball program. Our coaches will be looking for effort, skill-level, basketball IQ, and the ability to be coached. 
  • We are looking for committed basketball players that are serious about bringing their game and basketball IQ to the next level through hard work, positive attitude and good sportsmanship. In order that we may prepare our staff, please register
  • online if your child plans to participate. Also, please feel free to inform other youth athletes that may be interested in AAU basketball.​

  • After registration, you will be contacted for an evaluation. Evaluations allow parents and players to meet
  • some of our coaches and learn about our program. We will go over practice drills and basic offense and
  • defensive sets. This will also give parents/players the opportunity to go through a team practice and feel
  • more comfortable.