BullDawgs Basketball
Tournament Series Rules
HS Rules Apply
Unsportsmanlike Conduct will not be tolerated


Open Tournaments and Shootouts
Middle School Games Four - 10 min running Clock
1 min Stop Clock in 2nd and 4th Quarter
(running clock at 15 point lead 4th Quarter)
Bonus on the 5th team foul.
          1 Free throw for 2 pts
Team Fouls Reset each Quarter.
         3pt Fouls, 1 shot
Halftime will be 2 minutes.

A player will be disqualified on the fifth (5) personal foul.
All teams must be ready to play at the designated times. Any disputes or protests will be settled immediately by the tourney director at each site.
Overtime - 1 minute stop time. Double Overtime – 1st point to score
Home teams will be the team on the TOP of the bracket in your game or the first team listed. They will wear light colored jerseys.
Time Outs: Two timeouts per half. No Carryover.
Players can only play with one CLUB team in this tournament. Player can play on two teams within the same club but not in the same bracket/pool. The player must be on the bench by the start of the game.
All other rules will be determined by the NFHS rules. 
Mercy Rule (If there is a 15 point lead in the last 2 minutes of the second half, the clock WILL run)

**Coaches if you are leading by 25 pts DON”T PRESS

 Games shall not start early unless both coaches agree
 Minimum 5 minute warm-up with 4 minute half-times if game is on time
10 second backcourt when 30 second clock is not available
On ball 5 second visible count while dribbling is in affect (Front court only) Girls also
Time Outs: 2 Full timeouts per Half use them or lose them.

 Each team will be given 1 timeout during overtime
 Overtime period 2 minutes stopped clock.

*2nd overtime will be 1 minute stopped clock.

*3rd overtime is sudden death, first point scored.

Fall Ball Shoot Clock WILL be used, for 8th thru Varsity at certain gyms

A player is disqualified on the 5th personal foul
Technical fouls count as a personal foul and a team foul.
2 technical fouls on any individual player or coach will result in an ejection from the game
2 ejections in the tournament will result in removal from the remainder of the tournament
Teams will shoot 1 & 1 on the 7th team Foul  and 2 Shots on the 10th team foul of the half
and 2 shots on the 10th team foul of the half

 Free throws 
All players may enter the lane when the ball is released.
6 players in the lane plus the shooter below the top of the key.
Tie Breakers
In case of a tie the following format will be used:
1-Head to Head
2-Point Differential with a maximum of 15 points - Ex: Team A wins 45-21 but their point differential will be +15
3-Total points allowed

Coaches are responsible for listing players on the official score sheet/book (home team) 10 minutes prior to start of game.

Home team (top of bracket or first team in pool) will wear light jerseys. Visiting team will wear dark jerseys. If correct uniform not available pinney’s will be worn and is the responsibility of the team without correct uniform.

 Rev 1.2.2024