"Bay Area Battle"

May 4th & 5th, 2019

Hosted by

BullDawgs Basketball  Club / Cal Stars

​​​​​ Tournament Director : Alfonso Joo - BullDawgs 

​ Assistant Directors    : Stevie Joo - Tiffany Mariano - BullDawgs

                                        Vange Chau- Hepsie Chau- BullDawgs

All gym will have a designated Gym Manager onsite  

Gym Doors OPEN AT 8:00 AM 

Daily admission will be available at all locations for 
$10.00 Adults 
$5.00  Youth 10-16    

                       Girls 4th Grade - Varsity

                                  Boys 3rd Grade - Varsity

Location:  Arrillaga Family Gymnasium

                  Ingrid B. Lacy - Pacifica

​                  Jefferson High - Daly City


Cost:        $ 325.00    1-2 Teams

                 $ 275.00    3-5 Teams

                 $ 250.00     6 Teams or more

Deadline:  Payments must be received

10 days before event or you will be replaced. 
Unpaid teams will not be placed on the schedule


Contact:    Alfonso Joo, Tournament Director: 

              Schedule requests are not guaranteed. 

                    No requests taken past  4/28/19

             Coaching 2 teams will be the maximum