•   The BullDawgs Basketball Club in association with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) will host a series of tournaments in the Bay Area. Games will be played in South San Francisco, San Mateo, Pacifica and Redwood City.Our focus is to provide quality tournaments with divisions that will offer competitive play for everyone.

  • Official referees        Score keepers        Trained Staff          Gym Administrators


         Tournament Director         Alfonso Joo 650-267-3678               alfonsojoo@yahoo.com

  ​                             BullDawgs Basketball

2021 Tournament Series


          February 13th-14th             Triple Threat - Cancelled                      

          March 14th-15th               Lets Get it Started- Cancelled           



          April 10th-11th                    Spring  Shoot-Out I                    Girls JV/Varsity

           April 17th-18th                    Spring Shoot Out II                     Boys 6th / Girls JV and Varsity

           April 26th-27th                   Spring Shoot Out III                  Boys 4th - 6th - 7th

                                                                                                       Girls JV and Varsity 


         May 1st-2nd                          Bay Area Battle                        Boys/Girls 3rd thru Varsity

                                               Pending High Facilities being available      


         May 8th-9th                       Come Run With Me                      Boys/Girls 3rd thru Varsity     

​                                                    Darrell Hirashima Classic

                                                  Pacific District Tournament Series 

          May 22nd-23rd               Peninsula Invitational                     Boys/Girls 3rd thru Varsity         

          June 5th-6th                Summer Run @Santa Cruz              Boys/Girls 3rd thru Varsity      

​                                                 Games played at UC Santa Cruz     
​                                                          and surrounding gyms

            June 12th-13th              Summer Run Bay Area                   Boys/Girls 3rd thru Varsity        

                                                 Pacific District Tournament Series 


            June 19th-20th       7th Annual Thaddeus Tran Memorial        

                                                      Proceeds to Cancer Research            Boys/Girls 3rd thru Varsity
                                                        Bay Area Rush/BullDawgs

          July 17th-18th                       Bring It                                       Boys/Girls 3rd thru Varsity

          August 14th-15th         Dawg Days of Summer                     Boys/Girls 3rd thru Varsity​

​​​          September 11th-12th         Who’s Got Next                        Boys/Girls 3rd thru Varsity     

         October 9th-10th                 Scared Straight                      Boys/Girls 3rd thru Varsity

         November 6th-7th        Dawgs Got Your Back                    Boys/Girls 3rd thru 8th               

        December TBA            21st Annual Holiday Hoops             Boys/Girls 3rd thru 8th    


                        Our goal is to run a quality event because,

           We believe every tournament should be an enjoyable experience.” ​​​​