Workout 4.1

Wide Push-ups with Band
10 sets of 10ea = 100 
After each set 1 min of Jump Rope

Zig Zag Dribbles
5 each of
Regular Hesitate Cross over
Between Legs Cross over
Back Rock Cross Over
Wrap Cross Over
Circle the Cones Cross Over
Inside out/Cross Over and Rock

Cone Triangle
Pull Back Cross Over
Regular and between legs
Right Side 25 times
Left Side 25 times

Reverse Double Scissors 
Right Side Shot
Left Side Shot
Create Space 3 pt Shot
25 times each

In and out into spin – into shot
Right Hand 25 times
Left Hand 25 times

2 Hand Explosion Rebounds
10 sets of 10ea =100

Please send me a video of one of the 
Drills today. Not in fast forward please.

Text me when done ! 650-267-3678, ok GO!